Why should you have your own personal Wedding Website

Wedding Website

The Benefits of having a Wedding Website


The main reason for a wedding website is to provide your guests with a convenient central place where they may find information about your big day. With a personal Wedding Website you can post as much information as you wish. Since on average, active internet users spend just under five hours online per day. It makes sense for you to have your own Wedding Website.



Over and above the “Yes/“No” response, you can include a multitude of questions that you need answers to.  Such as, the dietary requirements of your guests. Confirming if your guest is bringing a partner.  If so, what is their partner’s name and dietary requirements? You can even find out if anyone will require wheelchair facilities.

Closer to the Wedding, we will provide you with a comprehensive excel spread sheet of all the RSVP details received.  This will simplify your life of not having to scroll through emails or txt messages to know who is coming.


Provide your guests with detailed Wedding information

A Wedding Website is a central hub to share directions to the venue and details on the dress code. If you have guests from out of town, you can provide them with travel and accommodation information. A Wedding Website keeps all your essential wedding information in one convenient place.


Easy gift registry access

Some people prefer not to include gift registry information on their invitations, so place it on your wedding website!  We link your gift registries directly onto your website to give your guests easy online access.


Change of Plans?

Last minute location change or Hotel updates? Easily connect with your guests through posting notifications on your website or we can send email notices. Much easier than making 150 phone calls.



Rather than sending out Save-the-date magnets, save, and allocate that budget to something else. Post your Save-the-date notice on your personal Wedding Website.


Make it personal

A wedding website is a good option to share how the two of you met.  Since it’s likely that some guests may not know you both, it gives them the opportunity to find out more.

We can personalise your Wedding Website with the colour scheme of your wedding.  Add photographs of the two of you and also include a Guestbook area where guests can leave you well-wishes. Start building the excitement of your Big Day early on!


Why should you have your own personal Wedding Website

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