Why should your business have a website?

Why should your business have a website?

Like many small business owners and entrepreneurs you might believe that a website is not necessary or that a website falls outside of your budget. You might even think that your potential customers won’t search for your services on a computer as you don’t use a computer.  These assumptions are however incorrect.


Let’s look at some reasons why you need a website for your business.


  1.   Active internet users currently in South Africa

According to Internet World Stats - Usage & Population Statistics, South Africa reached 29,935,634 Internet users in June 2017. This is more than 50% of the existing population.  If you don’t have an online presence, how will they find you?

Your potential new customers searching the internet will support your competitors because they could find them online.


  1.   Using a website as the basis of your Marketing

A website will form the basis of your marketing, even before you start printing business cards or any other advertising. Your website will provide a convenient online platform with all your business information, your services and/or products in detailed descriptions as well as any promotions and much more.


  1.   Increases the effectiveness of your advertising

The cost of designing and setting up of a website and professional email varies, but once it is up and running, a website for a small business hosted by Funkybuzz could cost as little as R460 per year, which is less than R40 per month. 

Once your website is active, we recommend that your printed and other advertising include your website address where your products and services are explained with relevant images, text, format and creative layout to help you market your business.


  1.   Gain credibility

Nothing is more important than the ability to be found, if potential customers can’t find you, it makes your business look dated and out of touch. 

Even a home-based business will gain credibility through a website with detailed descriptions of your services and other interesting and relevant information. A website will be particularly beneficial since you don’t have a store front or business address to promote your products or services from.


  1.   Availability

Your website will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days a year to communicate with your existing and potential new customers. Customers can get to know your business, products and/or services at their convenience.


  1.   In Summary

A website is an affordable marketing tool that will allow you to grow your business and enhance your marketing and advertising efforts as well as give your business a mark of credibility.


A basic website could provide the following information to all internet users:

-  Who you are;

-  What your business is;

-  What your company has to offer, products and/or services;

-  Different ways to contact you (phone, email, fax,);

-  Where and how to find you;

-  Special offers and promotions, new additions and/or products and/or services;

-  Share success stories;

-  Latest news about your business and/or industry;

-  Client/customer testimonials;

-  Links to all social media;

and more.


When you take into account the constant growth in number of Internet users and the number of companies making use of the Internet, including your competitors, it is reasonable to assume that it could cost you to NOT have a website.


Why should your business have a website?

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